Nintendo DSexism

I consider myself a fortunate woman in the sense that I haven’t often experienced sexism. Perhaps it’s because I live in a small towns and I don’t frequent large cities often, or maybe it’s because I attend a small liberal arts university. Whatever the case, it always catches me off-guard when a man treats me […]

The Walking Pokemon

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Rick Grimes and the rest of the Walking Dead crew stepped foot into the world of Pokemon? No? Well, fortunately for you, someone did. All right, so he didn’t actually put The Walking Dead into a Pokemon game, but he did make it a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game. And so the Internet was blessed with a hack of Pokemon Ruby known as Pokemon Snakewood.

Varia, Not Barrier

Metroid wouldn’t be Metroid without Samus, and Samus wouldn’t be Samus without her instantly-recognizable and trademark Varia Suit. It’s been featured in every single game, and much of the official promotional art. It was even in Metroid Fusion, where the original was worn not by Samus but by the SA-X (though Samus did wear it for the first few scenes).

Classically Trained

On November 11th, the world will return to 1985. Nintendo is releasing arguably their cutest console yet: the NES classic. At $60 it costs about as much as one Wii U title, but instead of just one game you’ll play for an afternoon, you get 30 games; that’s at least two afternoons’ worth. Jokes aside, […]

Powering On The Blog

Welcome to the beginning of The Ginge Gamer, a blog where I, a ginger-haired gamer, share my love for video games with you. Since I’m just beginning, this first post is going to be mostly introduction and the posting schedule, though Thursday will be the first official post! So what can you expect? At least […]